City of Larouche and Tourism

Welcome to Larouche, a charming municipality nestled in the heart of
the magnificent Saguenay region. Immerse yourself in authenticity and come
discover a corner of paradise where wild nature and hospitality
warm meet.

Larouche, with its picturesque landscapes, offers a unique experience
to visitors seeking tranquility and natural beauty. Imagine
strolling along winding paths, surrounded by
splendor of the trees and lulled by the song of birds. Lovers
of nature will be filled by our numerous watercourses and points of
amazing views.
Whether you are a nature lover or a curious explorer,
Larouche is full of activities to satisfy all tastes. Activities
nautical, fishing, hiking, sports activities, entertainment and
events or discoveries of regional products... In all seasons,
the opportunities are multiple and the pleasure increases tenfold.
Beyond his generous nature, Larouche is
also imbued with history and culture.
Visit our charming village, stroll through our
picturesque streets, soak up the
local architecture and let yourself be charmed by
the warm welcome of the Larouchois and
Larouchoises. Discover our small businesses
and our talented artisans who perpetuate the
traditions and know-how of our region.
Larouche is the perfect place to escape
the hustle and bustle of daily life, to reconnect
with nature and to experience moments
unforgettable with family. Whether you are in
quest for adventure, relaxation or
discoveries, with us, you will be able to create
memorable memories.
Let yourself be seduced by the wonders of
Larouche and live an authentic experience
in the heart of Saguenay.

The municipality of Larouche is a link between Saguenay and Lac-Saint-Jean. The Saguenay River is its northern border and the territory extends south from Route des Fondateurs to Lake Kénogami. To the west, the border is shared with Saint-Bruno and to the east shared with Jonquière. Larouche is crossed by route 170 which crosses the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region.

The municipality has two residential developments located in the center of the village and in the resort area. The heart of the municipality is rooted between Route 170 and the railway, along Gauthier Street, where we find the main services of the municipality and the parish core.

The municipality of Larouche was founded in 1895 by William Larouche and his wife Marie-Louise Gilbert.